Boat rental on the Lot River

As the captain of your own boat, you will discover at your own pace the incredible variety of landscapes along one of the most beautiful rivers in France: picturesque villages, magnificent castles (Château de Mercues, …), colorful cliffs where hundreds of birds nest, green hills, numerous prehistoric caves, medieval monuments, dolmens. Discover this river following its winding course through wild and protected nature. Navigate at the foot of the dizzying cliffs of Bouziès that will give you unforgettable sensations.

The “terrestrial” heritage is particularly rich, including the medieval castle of Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, the lively streets of the old town of Cahors and the villages of Quercy are your various appointments. Finally, do not forget to admire the 600-year-old Valentré Bridge. From the 13th century, boats and barges were numerous in navigating between Quercy and Agenais, and the small villages on the banks of the Lot offer many testimonies of this intense activity that sustained a society of river people for a long time.

You will also find the local gastronomy with Cahors wine, truffles, confits, and other foie gras.

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