Our boats for your river cruise

The riverboat you will rent from us will be your home for the duration of your cruise, so it is important to choose it carefully according to your needs and desires. All boats still offer a minimum standard of comfort such as: hot and cold water under pressure, shower, toilet, kitchen, heating. The detail and number of these facilities vary depending on the boats.

The number of beds will often be determining in your choice. It is indicated by the figures preceding the word “person” on the boat sheets.

Example :
6/8 + 1 PEOPLE. The first number indicates the number of possible beds without using the square. The second number indicates the total number of beds using the square. The third number indicates the possibility of an additional bed for a child (- 6 years), often on a fold-down bunk bed, in one of the cabins.

For a stay of one week or more, it is not recommended to use the maximum number of beds. Otherwise, you will have reduced comfort inside and most of the equipment will be insufficient (fridge, sanitary…).