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Discover all our tourist information departing from Cognac. Rent a boat without a license, visit Cognac and its museum, and navigate to Angoulême, the capital of comics.

Cognac, with its functional and welcoming marina, is located in the heart of the city and is ideal for the needs of boaters. A well-maintained towpath allows for the discovery of heritage, wildlife, and flora, by foot or by bike. From the port of Cognac, and through locks up to the gates of Angoulême, the route “Cognac and the River” takes you up the Charente while following the gabares. On the right bank of the Charente, you will find a variety of shops and a large outdoor market on Saturday mornings in the St Jacques district. As an anecdote, in the past, pilgrims on their way to St Jacques de Compostelle used to make a stop in this district.

On the left bank, you will find Old Cognac with its medieval architectural treasures on every street corner, such as the imposing Château des Valois, birthplace of François 1st, as well as the St Jacques towers, the Lieutenance House… But this city of Cognac also has other surprises in store for you, such as the Cognac Country Discovery space (a fun and interactive discovery of Cognac and its heritage – free entry) which is a few steps from the port, its museums and parks, not to mention the famous Cognac houses and the many distilleries offering tours and tastings of their famous Cognac brandy.

If you’re “frangouli” (hungry) as they say in the region, stop by a small restaurant quickly. You’ll be able to satisfy your hunger by savoring regional specialties!


SEE: Pineau and Cognac cellars. Saintes and its Roman remains, Bourg-Charente and its canoe, Jarnac, the town of F. Mitterrand, Angoulême: the capital of comics.

TO TASTE: the “cougnat” (cognac). The Pineau des Charentes, the Barbezieux capon, the cagouilles (snails), the manslois (cheese), the kroumirs and the cornuelles (pastry).

TO KNOW: The Charente region, also known as the “land of a thousand rivers”. It used to have 800 mills, some of which have been turned into museums. This route is dotted with manual locks, without a lockkeeper.

FAVORITE: The National Center for Comics and Image in Angoulême Navigating the Charente: The Charente, between the Loire and the Garonne, flows gently to the ocean. It’s a welcoming river, of great beauty, conducive to free navigation. It’s also called the happy river… You will cross tender landscapes and discover how alders, water fennel or other wild reeds have taken over the banks. You will also see some kingfishers, gray herons or water hens. Fishing enthusiasts, carp, trout, pikeperch, pike and eels and many others live in the Charente, so get your lines ready!

Itinerary suggestions departing from Cognac :
Cognac – Saintes – Cognac: 69km, 4 locks, 10 hours of navigation
Cognac – Jarnac – Cognac: 40km, 6 locks, 6 hours of navigation

Cognac – St Savinien – Cognac: 112km, 4 locks, 20 hours of navigation
Cognac – Chateauneuf sur Charente – Cognac: 66km, 16 locks, 14 hours

A Week
Cognac – Angoulême – Cognac: 118km, 36 locks, 28 hours of navigation
Cognac – St-Savinien – Cognac – Jarnac – Cognac: 142km, 10 locks, 25 hours
Cognac – Chateauneuf sur Charente – Cognac: 135km, 20 locks, 25 hours

Two Weeks
Cognac – Angoulême – Cognac – St-Savinien – Cognac: 230km, 40 locks

Tarpon 37
Tarpon 37
Tarpon 42
Espade 850 Fly
Triton 1050
Tarpon 32
Eau Claire 1130
Eau Claire 930 Fly
Eau Claire 930 Fly
Tarpon 42 TP
Triton 860 Fly
Penichette 935 W
Penichette 1107 W

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